The presence of one of these signs is a wake-up call:
On the lips remains salty-bitter taste.
A feeling of tightness, dryness, peeling occurs.
On the surface of lipstick there are droplets and smudges.
Sharp unpleasant smell.
The core of lipstick is fragile.


If the powder includes minerals and plant extracts, it will even out the tone of the face, as well as help to cope with inflammation, moisturize and nourish the skin with beneficial components.
Having sponzhan on the upper side of the palm, you can see how the powder falls: if exactly, then everything is in order, and if it crumbles, then it is better to give it up.


We prefer matte shades. Every day you may need a light creamy matte shade, it is applied to the blinking eyelid and under the eyebrow.

If you do not use a pencil, you will need dark brown or dark gray shades of matte shadows. They can emphasize the contour of the eyelashes instead of a pencil.

In the fold of the eyelid, we apply necessarily a matte shade - either cold brown or warm, depending on whether you are warm or cold from which color types. These three shades are enough to make yourself a natural day makeup. If you want to diversify your makeup, add light colors: pink, lilac, pistachio, golden. They are applied to the blinking eyelid instead of creamy, I wrote about them above. Shadows in the fold of the eyelid and at the contour of the eyelashes can be applied the same. The main thing is that the new shade of the shadows coincide with the others: be cold or warm.