How to choose cosmetics

How to learn how to choose personal care products? What secrets do cosmetics manufacturers hide? What components of cosmetic products are safe for health, and which in no case should be in the composition? All these are pressing issues for any woman.

What kind of cosmetics to choose?

About what cosmetics to choose, every woman thinks. Visiting a cosmetics store can be compared to a pleasant adventure. A huge number of shelves with beautiful jars, a pleasant smell that reigns in the pavilion ... Nothing foreshadows trouble ... But sometimes the purchase leads to disappointment. Someone from the visitor is lost in a wide range and does not understand what she needs. Others carefully read the composition, ask questions to the seller-consultant, but miss with a choice.

How to choose cosmetics by skin type?

This is the main rule. Skin type is an aspect that we must focus on when choosing a product. Note that under the influence of various factors, skin type may vary. To accurately know your skin type, consult a cosmetologist. On the Internet posted special tests to determine it. However, an appeal to a professional is more reliable.

Skin Types

  1. Dry
  2. Oily
  3. Normal
  4. Mixed

How to choose a good makeup? Focus on your age!

Age-related changes affect the structural qualities of the skin. That is why women of mature age are contraindicated in the category of youth group. The body will react negatively. Allergic reactions are not uncommon. Perhaps you are lucky, and cosmetics will not have a negative effect on you. Young girls are also not recommended to go ahead and use anti-aging creams.

How to choose cosmetics by age? Pay attention to the age characteristics of the skin!

Up to 20 years. Young skin, quickly adapts to the conditions, it is easily restored. This period is devoid of feelings about wrinkles and other age-related changes. More often, girls are worried about acne and freckles. When choosing a medical cosmetics oriented to products that do not contain alcohol. Up to 20 years it makes sense to buy means for protection against ultraviolet radiation.

For girls 20-30 years. Actual 3 tasks:

1 Cleansing
2 Moisturizing
3 Shrink pores

The composition of cosmetics should include the following components:

Zinc oxide
Vitamin E

From 30 years. At the specified age wrinkles may appear. To prevent this process, the skin requires intensive nutrition. Main ingredients: retinol, thermal water, phytoestrogens, antioxidants.

Women after 30 often complain of bruising around the eyes. Cosmetologists recommend using products based on caffeine or green tea.

Three key rules for skin care for women after 30 years:

Skin cleansing
Application of protective cream

From 40 years. Cells gradually lose their ability to regenerate. It is fraught with the appearance of wrinkles. Now you will see how you took care of the skin in past years. Choose cosmetics that combine two features: efficiency and gentle effect.

For women over 40, cosmetic products are required that provide:

Lifting effect
Wrinkle repair
Face contour improvement
Anti-age spots
I choose cosmetics, check the expiration date!
Dear - does not mean the best cosmetics! The price should be in last place. The main thing - compliance with the age group and skin type!